I was Raised in the South by a pack of wolves - good wolves with a pack leader and lifetime mate that protected the young and taught the three male pups how to survive in a chaotic world without losing the gift of kindness and love for fellow wolves. After college and grad school and a two year stint as a Lieutenant in the Field Artillery I fell into the computer trap. My years in the computer industry span the lengthy period from the day Jobs introduced the Lisa computer until Zuckerberg announced his IPO for Facebook. Along the way I was honored as co-creator of the “fuzzy search algorithms” in use as the de facto standard by all of today’s major search engines. I am best known as one of the pioneers of DRM (Digital Rights Management). My innovative Digital Rights Management product for delivering music, photos and video won my company “Best New Start-Up” at the 1998 Internet World Conference. My company was the first to release Julian Lennon’s No. 1 Hit “Day after Day” for Internet only distribution. Six of my patents are currently in relicense to a diverse group of hi-tech companies including, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, Valve, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Zynga, Audible, Intuit, Symantec and MacroVisio. My "541" patent is industry famous as the iTunes Patent that was licensed by Steve Jobs to provide digital rights management for all the artists and musicians on the iTunes platform. Now most of my days are spent telling Alice how much I love her while trying to avoid stepping on hairballs that our wily cats cleverly hide around our apartment in Arlington, Virginia. We recently returned to the US after a few years spent with Riley down in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It is good to be back on American soil where Alice and I spend our evenings searching out the best in regional fare in and around this very cosmopolitan city known as the Nation's Capital. Our vote currently is a tie between Jose Andreas and our little Cajun bistro hideaway known only as RT's.

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