Joseph Realdine is an inventor, chef, food safety consultant, author and speaker.

Joseph brings over 40 years of experience in food service and safety. Starting as a dishwasher, Joseph worked his way up the food service ladder (farm to table). He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, NY), and his career would eventually bring him to be a leading frontline force in protecting the public. Texas A&M University prepared him by teaching HACCP principles and emerging pathogens affecting the consumer.

Throughout his career, Joseph has received dozens of awards, including the USDA Unsung Hero and Administrator Awards. He brings real life knowledge and experiences on the frontline of food safety. He is a dedicated First Responder having been on the frontline of food safety/service at Ground Zero (NYC) and Hurricane Andrew.

Joseph Realdine was not one to follow convention, and allowed his life to take its own path. He has documented that journey to provide a map for others producing, storing, and transporting food safely. Due out in June 2018, his book, Tasty Safety, charts his life experiences on a path to food safety by protecting the public and reducing food borne illnesses.

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