Takayuki Ishii is a retired United Methodist clergyman. When he wrote this book, he was the pastor of a church in Greenwich Village, New York City. He was a pastor in Greenwich Village when 9/11 happened. His church was only 1.6 miles away from the World Trade Center. His church received several sets of One Thousand Paper Cranes from the church in Japan, which were delivered to the nearest Fire House. Those firefighters lost their co-workers during their rescue mission at the World Trade Center.

Based on his book, Hollywood movie is now in pre-production stage. Go to website at www.onethousandpapercranes.com

Spanish language publishing company, ALFAGUARA published Mil pájaros de papel: La historia de Sadako Sasaki in 2020. Alfaguara is located in Madrid, Spain.

Turkish language publishing company, Yakamoz Publishing, will publish Ishii's book in 2021.

Other Works

  • Mil pájaros de papel: La historia de Sadako Sasaki

  • One Thousand Paper Cranes