R. J. Machado De Quevedo, author of The Deceiver Saga, lives in Northern California. Having grown up with meager resources, R. J. learned early on that joy can be found in the simple things and that imagination is a wonderful escape. R. J. is also a speaker, blogger, and musician. She enjoys kick boxing, riding motorcycles, shooting guns, and collaborating with intelligent minds.

On December 21st 2009, R. J. had a vivid dream. When she awoke, she was so overcome by the message and the nearly tangible imagery of that dream, she knew she must write about it. She felt she was meant to. The name, The Deceiver, came to her and with it, a flood of ideas, images, and complex characters. The story demanded to be told, but not just in one book. In many!

R. J. starting writing her first novel, The Deceiver, in March 2010. And as she wrote, she discovered what she originally conceived to be four books, had evolved and expanded in her mind to a possible 7 or more!

Shortly after finishing the first book, R. J. was offered a traditional publishing contract and proceeded to publish the first three books in The Deceiver Saga through Tate Publishing & Enterprises LLC between 2013 and early 2017. After the closure of the publisher in January 2017, R. J. set out to republish her own books and continues to work on completing The Deceiver Saga. Her own story continues to unfold into an adventure of a lifetime. Let the real story begin!

You can follow R. J. through her website https://RJMachadoDeQuevedo.com, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, and of course, she is now on LinkedIn!

Other Works

  • Blood Enemies (book 4 of The Deceiver Saga)

  • Sanctuary of Fire (book 3 of The Deceiver Saga)

  • Thinking Through Our Fingers: SSWC Anthology (contributing author)

  • The Deceiver (book 1 of The Deceiver Saga)

  • Broken Seed (book 2 of The Deceiver Saga)