I'm a writer, and I also draw.
I have been writing for about twenty years now professionally. I have a couple of novels published under a pen name with small publishing houses, and I have worked as a ghostwriter, and work for hire for FarFaria writing picture books. I have also worked in film and television.
I have also written many shorts, and have a few blogs, as well have been a guest author to many newsletters.
I love storytelling in any medium.
About ten years ago I held my first online class for writers and since then I have been coaching writers in all mediums. In 2019 I launched my own business and am building my signature course which I call Story Concierge.
It's been so great ushering writers to their dreams, in screen & tv writing as well as novels. I will have new courses up very soon.
I also have a YouTube channel dedicated to helping other storytellers.
I'm currently working on Women's Fiction.