M. A. Appleby is a retired Certified Landscape Designer, artist, and avid reader. She is a mystery buff who enjoys traveling, and lives in Southwest Florida with her husband and son. The concept for these books came from a journal written the day her son suffered a TBI (traumatic brain injury). This tragedy threw their family into turmoil as they tried to understand what lay ahead for them.
As a caregiver, it is important not to lose your ‘sense of self’ and that’s where writing became cathartic for her. She thought they would wake up from the nightmare and their lives would go back to ‘normal’, but that didn’t happen. That ‘recovery’ journal was the impetus Ms. Appleby needed to write The Ancient Whisper, Whispered Dreams, and Journey of a Thousand Steps that comprise The Whisper Mystery Trilogy. Each chapter starts with an inspirational saying, uplifting quote, or a prayer sent or given to her throughout the recovery phase of her son’s ordeal.

Other Works

  • The Ancient Whisper - Book One of A Whisper of a Mystery Trilogy

  • Whispered Dreams - Book Two of A Whisper of a Mystery Trilogy

  • Journey of a Thousand Steps - Book Three of A Whisper of a Mystery Trilogy


Awards and Recognition

  • National Award Winner: Silver medal in category Adult Non-Fiction - Autobiography/Memoir, Gold medal in category How-To/Self-Help, 1st Place in Category Autobiography/Biography from Christian Author Awards, Fall 2017