When I was in high school my teacher read all my stories to the class. I thought the most enjoyable career would be to write novels and eat Sarah Lee chocolate cake. Then I realized, if I didn't succeed I wouldn't be able to afford the chocolate cake, so I stayed in physics, which I liked, but not as passionately as creative writing.
I went on to get an MS in physics and pass a PhD exam. My colleagues were having trouble getting jobs in physics and when they switched to medicine, so did I. I became a diagnostic radiologist with special training in neuroradiology and cardiac imaging (CT and MRI). I have enjoyed medical imaging and its incredible growth over the past 30 years.
I am now several years from retirement and am returning to my first passion, novel writing. I have attended several writing programs and workshops including Long Ridge Writers Group and SEAK, winning one of SEAK's writing awards.
I live in Wheelersburg, Ohio, a part of Appalachia, on 50 acres of land with my wife Cheryl, 8 dogs, 4 cats surrounded by woods, a 3 acre pond, and an assortment of wildlife.

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