Lois Farfel Stark was a producer/writer for NBC News, filming in Africa, the Middle East, Cuba, Northern Ireland, Europe, and throughout the USA. She covered Abu Dhabi's catapult to the 20th century, Cuba ten years after their revolution, the Israeli Air Force in the Six Day War, Northern Ireland during its time of religious conflict, and Liberia's social split. She produced and wrote films on architecture, medical research, wilderness protection, artists, and social issues among her forty documentaries, earning an EMMY and Golds in international film festivals.

In civic life, she has been a Director/Trustee of Sarah Lawrence College, St. John's School, Texas Children's Hospital, The Alley Theater, The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas Small Business Council, The Harry Ransom Center, Texas Philosophical Society, Texas Commission on the Arts, Texas Committee for the Humanities, The Joseph Campbell Foundation, Harvard Kennedy School Women's Leadership Board, and a fellow of American Leadership Forum and The Center for Houston's future. She graduated from Sarah Lawrence college and has two Master's degrees in Communication and Education.

Her years of film-making stimulated her interest in how what we see shapes what we think. We are accustomed to history being told as a story of kings and wars. It can also be seen by looking at the shape of shelters, social systems, and sacred sites.

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