THE SPEED OF LIFE, an Illustrated Novel

Awards and Recognition

  • T.C. Boyle’s blurb From the courtroom to the swamp primeval to the underpinnings of the universe, James Jordan takes us on a wild ride. A hugely ambitious and thoroughly enjoyable triumph of a first novel. All I can say is "Bravo!" Aram Saroyan’s blurb The Speed of Life is a fast-paced, character-rich, thought-provoking novel that takes the reader from the heart of Western philosophy and civilization to the heart of millennial America. A fine storyteller, James Jordan knows his characters and where all their secrets are buried, and something more—the hope still strong in their restless, striving hearts. A remarkable debut. Kip S. Thorne’s blurb: I hugely enjoyed this remarkable novel. It blends human courage & cruelties with solid astrophysics and with Seminole culture & mythology – resulting in a richness that held me tightly in its grip. Tom Holland’s blurb: What happens when a rapist says that he was hired by a mother’s son to rape her? An old Florida family and those
Andrea Zinder


Santa Monica, CA

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