I am the author of about a dozen stories published in literary journals and THE SPEED OF LIFE, an Illustrated Novel (TSOL). TSOL explores themes of what is real and how can we know what is real in the context of whether one of the characters is guilty of a heinous crime the theme of what is real transcends a search for truth in a criminal trial.

From my legal experience representing individuals in high-stakes civil and criminal cases and multi-national corporations in high-risk transactions and litigation, I came to see contemporary uncertainties about truth and justice, love and tolerance. From that vantage, I developed the novel’s theme.

After earning my bachelor’s degree in philosophy and my Juris Doctor degree from UCLA, I studied creative writing at the University of Southern California, where I was awarded a Master of Professional Writing degree.

I am a descendant of Eastern European shamans. My hobbies include travel and photography. I live in Santa Monica, Ca. with my wife, Andrea, and our standard poodle, UC.

Other Works

  • THE SPEED OF LIFE, an Illustrated Novel


Awards and Recognition

  • T.C. Boyle’s blurb From the courtroom to the swamp primeval to the underpinnings of the universe, James Jordan takes us on a wild ride. A hugely ambitious and thoroughly enjoyable triumph of a first novel. All I can say is "Bravo!" Aram Saroyan’s blurb The Speed of Life is a fast-paced, character-rich, thought-provoking novel that takes the reader from the heart of Western philosophy and civilization to the heart of millennial America. A fine storyteller, James Jordan knows his characters and where all their secrets are buried, and something more—the hope still strong in their restless, striving hearts. A remarkable debut. Kip S. Thorne’s blurb: I hugely enjoyed this remarkable novel. It blends human courage & cruelties with solid astrophysics and with Seminole culture & mythology – resulting in a richness that held me tightly in its grip. Tom Holland’s blurb: What happens when a rapist says that he was hired by a mother’s son to rape her? An old Florida family and those