I was born in 1944 in Yonkers, NY. Since then I’ve spent far too much time messing around with books and boats -- big ones, little ones, here, there.

I’ve published six nautical thrillers (three under my own name and a series about sea-going terrorists and the team with the guts and wits to neutralize them) and hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles on all subjects. I spent my junior year of high school aboard a square-rigged school ship: majored in Spanish literature at Dartmouth College; did my foreign study at the University of the Andes in Bogota, Colombia; served as a naval salvage diving officer (a ‘Bubblehead’); devoted twenty years to educational publishing; started several other business ventures of questionable success; traveled and raised two daughters (the greatest and most nerve-wracking adventure of my life).

When I write I aim for accessibility, intense but plausible action and interesting, fleshed-out characters. In order to take full advantage of rapidly advancing technology and to attract new readers I’m currently reaching out in new directions. The basics, however, remain the same.

Other Works

  • Death of a Siren

  • MacHugh and the Faithless Pirate

  • Threat Level (as Michael Howe)

  • Sea Hawk (as Michael Howe)

  • Trident Force (as Michael Howe)

  • The Wreck of Misericordia

  • SeaGlow

  • Cabot Station