I am a retired educator and librarian. I am the coauthor of A Guidebook of U. S. Army Dress Helmets (2000) and the sole author of Custer's Ghosts and Custer's Gold (2007), Undermanned and Overwhelmed; the Reno Valley Fight(2011), and Custer Must Die; A Story of His Assassination. Create Space (2015).
My first published short story was "The Treasure of Custer Hill" in London Mystery Selection; a Quarterly Anthology of Original Thrillers in their 1979 issue. This short story is reprinted in Custer's Ghosts and Custer's Gold. In addition I have published three periodical articles; one on a uniform worn at the Rosebud in American Military Heritage Magazine, "This Gun Didn't Run; A carbine fired 39 times at the Little Big Horn" in Man at Arms Magazine, October 2011, and "John Martin's Carbine" and “Geronimo’s Gun” in Wild West Magazine,.
I have done research at the Little Big Horn Battlefield including a horseback tour of the Reno battlefield and associated area. My current interest is in the Southwest, especially Billy the Kid.
I am an active member of Western Writers of America and Mystery Writers of America. I publish under Donald W. Moore.

Other Works