Shirley Davies-Owens
Growing up in an English village in an area steeped in history, Shirley Davies-Owens developed an affinity for the Victorian era. And in true Victorian style, when she married her husband, he was cut off without a penny. Undeterred and with one trunk holding all their possessions, the young couple emigrated to Canada’s west coast. Several years and two children later, they moved to the Pacific Northwest region of the USA.

Eventually, Shirley was able to pursue her dream of writing a book. SILVER LININGS was her first. Set in Victorian England and published by St Martin’s Press, Harper Collins and ECI Holland, 1980's-1990's, it garnered Shirley critical acclaim internationally. It was reissued at the end of 2016 with a new interior design, cover, and the title BITTER THE BUD, SWEET THE FLOWER.

Shirley's second novel, PATHS UNKNOWN, also set in Victorian Engand and the Canadian frontier was published by IngramSpark in 2014 and received excellent reader response.

IMPROBABLE CHOICES, set in World War II England, is Shirley's third book; it was published in 2016 by IngramSpark.

When Shirley isn’t writing, she loves acting; she has performed in several plays over the past years. She loves to do dramatic readings of her written works and has appeared on her local radio station and at several book clubs. She is a past president and lifetime member of Pacific Northwest Writers Association and a longtime member of The Authors’ Guild.

Shirley continues to live in the Pacific Northwest with the same fellow who was denied his fortune many moons ago. She has four grandchildren and only one pet—the aforementioned husband.

Other Works