T.L. ORCUTT is an American author and novelist born in Los Angeles, California. After a Ph.D. in Human Behavior, Clinical Psychology Internship, and staff appointment as a Lieutenant in the US Navy, for thirty years he conducted a practice as a professional psychotherapist and taught at seven colleges and universities. After four nonfiction books exploring the Human Potential Movement, in 2005 he debuted his first of six novels in contemporary urban fantasy, paranormal mystery and suspense. He is a Regular Member of the Authors Guild.

T.L. Orcutt is most recently known for his sixth novel entitled Hunter of Illusions (2021) and Echo of Death (2019) a wryly humorous story of an evil ghost who haunts an aberrant UPS driver with a nemesis of precognitive visions. He is working on his seventh novel about carpenter/knife store owner who experiences a mysterious lady with unusual paranormal powers . T.L. Orcutt is a Regular Member of the Authors Guild. You can visit his website at www.tlorcutt.com.

Other Works

  • Echo of Death

  • Pre-Existing Condition - A Novel

  • The Path of Return Trilogy

  • Letters from the Afterworld

  • Collateral Karma

  • That's What I'm Talkin" About!

  • Jamayah: Adventures on the Path of Return

  • Magicians of the Soul: Exploring the World of Paranormal and Mystical Experience

  • Integrative Paradigms of Psychotherapy (with Jan R. Prell)

  • No Beggars Just Balloons: A Practical Approach to Self-Transformation


Awards and Recognition

  • San Diego Library Local Author Award - 2006