Shifu, Christopher J. Goedecke, (Buddhist, Hayashi Tomio) headmaster of the Wind School, has fifty-six years of martial experience and holds an eighth degree black belt. He has spent the last fifty-two years devoted to a busy, full time, teaching schedule. He has authored several books on martial arts; Rebel Isshinryu: the 57 Challenges (2017), Internal Karate: Mind Matters and the Seven Gates of Power (2014). The Soul Polishers Apprentice: A Martial Kumite About Personal Evolution, The Wind Warrior: Training of a Karate Champion, and Smart Moves, A Kid's Guide To Self Defense. He founded the Martial Art Directory Association of New Jersey in 1984 and published A Guide To The Martial Arts of New Jersey (1984). He has published many articles and teaching stories in trade magazines. Goedecke was one of twenty-five martial arts professionals selected to express his training philosophy in the book, Martial Arts Teachers on Teaching (Frog Ltd.) Goedecke is the inventor of the strategy martial art card game, Grand Master. He has appeared in the third edition of Who's Who in American Karate and Who's Who In The East for his martial contributions. He has appeared on cable television and radio programs demonstrating and discussing martial arts. He has studied numerous martial styles and supervises all the Wind School instructors. He serves as senior counsel for the Wu Hsin Tao and is an ordained Buddhist Bodhisattva Warrior Monk in the Chen Yen Shingon Mikkyo sect.

Goedecke began his karate training in 1968 at the International School of Judo and Karate in Summit, New Jersey. After graduating college in 1973, with a BS in Business Administration, he became a senior instructor for the Isshin Kempo Association, which grew into one of the East Coast's largest karate organizations during the 1970s.

Goedecke is also an Adjunct Lecturer in Physical Education at Drew University where he has taught karate since 1984. He offers an extensive knowledge of martial technique, principles, psychology, philosophy, and metaphysical insights, which he shares through his intimate, compassionate, and dynamic teaching approach. As well as being a popular New Jersey teacher, Goedecke is a proponent of the many benefits of traditional karate training

Other Works

  • Chi Chi Wu Wu!

  • Chinkuchi: Karate's Hidden Internal Face, Pt. 1

  • Chinkuchi: The Mechanics of Power, Pt. 2

  • Internal Karate: Mind Matters And The Seven Gates of Power

  • Effortless Power

  • The Unbreakable Board And The Red Dragon Surprise

  • The Isshin Kempo Way

  • The Soul Polisher's Apprentice: A Martial Kumite About Personal Evolution

  • Rebel Isshin-Ryu

  • Smart Moves: A Kid's Guide To Self Defense

  • The Wind Warrior: The Training of A Karate Champion

  • A Guide To The Martial Arts of New Jersey


Awards and Recognition

  • THE WIND WARRIOR selected to the New York Public Libary's 1994, "BOOKS FOR THE TEENAGE" list, distributed to libraries throughout the country.
  • THE WIND WARRIOR selected by Bowker for the ‘Bowker Elementary Collection’, 1995.
  • ADJUNCT LECTURER IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION, Drew University fall appointment, 1996
  • DEDICATED SERVICE AWARD, Madison Area YMCA, 10/24/99 for twenty years of outstanding teaching service.
  • AWARDED TEACHING TITLE OF ‘SHIFU’ by Arakawa Tomio, Head of the Tenshin Ryushin Temple, August 2000 and acknowledgement of shichidan (7th degree black belt) by MKA
  • ISSHIN KEMPO SUCCESSOR, Assumed successorship of the Isshin Kempo Ryu, March 28, 1999
  • U.S. SENIOR ADVISOR, MUSHINDO ORGANIZATIONS (Monastic Budo), 2003 Appointment – 2006
  • Ordained Buddhist Hoshi (monk) in the Chen Yen Shingon Mikkyo Mi Ching Sect of Buddhism as a Bodhisattva Warrior Monk. June 25, 2009, administered by Tenshin Arakawa, head monk of the Tenshin Ryushin Ji, TN
  • AWARDED HACHIDAN 8th Degree Black Belt, April 24th 2010 by the Wind School Kai. (See: minutes of the meeting)