C.C. Campbell is an author, lecturer, and podcast host.
Her debut book, 'The Stolen Light of WoMen: A Quest For Spiritual Truth Beyond Religion', has garnered glowing reviews from California Bookwatch and Kirkus Reviews in addition to dozens of five star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. 'The Stolen Light of WoMen' is a momentous work resulting from decades of research into ancient history, Biblical archaeology, gender studies, and sacred texts. Tackling the most controversial verses of the bible, Campbell uses her background to expose the history and politics that have fed mistranslations and religious agendas against women and the LGBT community for the last few thousand years. Weaving her own spiritual journey with thorough research and presented with simplicity and sincerity, Campbell has been hailed by her readers as a spiritual author with courage and compassion towards humanity.

She is currently the host of the internationally successful podcast What Lies Beyond - available to download at iTunes, Stitcher, Podcast.com, Tunein, Android, and others.
Campbell is also a proud member in good standing of the Authors Guild and PEN America.

You can find her at www.cwhatliesbeyond.com and on Twitter @realCCCampbell

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