I am Kevin Bohacz, a #1 bestselling author, lucid dreamer, Tesla fanatic, futurist, and mad scientist. Welcome to my dreams and my novels!

When I’m not busy writing op-eds and debating politics, science, e-cars, or human nature, I’m busy writing what I love to read, fiction with some real meat on its bones. More than anything, I love good contemporary earthbound techno-thrillers or sci-fi along the lines of Michael Crichton. So I write what’s called contemporary literary, upmarket techno-thrillers and sci-fi. All my novels wrestle with the big questions of life. Who are we? What are we? Why are we? This comes out in the form of genre-bending supernatural threads that are woven through my books.

You can find many articles written about my work in newspapers and magazines. In a 2014 article Publisher’s Weekly labeled me as one of the “Writers Who Rocked Self-Publishing” and reported how my books “exploded” on Amazon. Prior to that Publisher’s Weekly also did a full page interview of me: “The World has Completely Changed.”

I have been awarded starred reviews for my novels from Publishers Weekly as well as high praise from many other book review publications. I have also written for national computer magazines, founded two high technology corporations, worked as a scientist and engineer for over 35 years, and am the inventor of an advanced electric car system. I was also a short order cook for I-Hop, flipped burgers at McDonald’s, and delivered Chicken Delight. All of those careers and more have been behind me now for many years since I became a full-time storyteller, a catcher of dreams. Thank you for reading my stories and making this all possible.

Other Works

  • Ghost of the Gods

  • Dream Dancers