Michael Geci, MD is a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia and completed an emergency medicine residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia. Dr. Geci has earned board certification in both emergency medicine and integrative medicine, practicing medicine since 1996.

Dr. Geci’s long-time love of plants and his interest in botanical medicine precipitated an interest in Cannabis. In 2009, he took his integrative practice to Montana where he had his first professional exposure to medical marijuana. Understanding the importance of appropriate dosing and quality control he founded Montana Botanical Analysis, an analytical laboratory devoted to the quantitative analysis of medical marijuana.

Dr. Geci believed that if Cannabis was going to be used as a medicine, it needed to be treated like a medicine. His team lobbied the 2011 Montana legislature for changes to the existing medical marijuana law. Unfortunately, radial political winds fueled by Tea Party resentment over Obama Care produced an onerous medical marijuana reform bill that decimated Montana’s medical marijuana program.

Dr. Geci wrote a medical column for Kush magazine and continues limited professional consulting for the medical cannabis industry, including acting as a subject matter expert for Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Commission in 2016. Dr. Geci continues to practice both emergency medicine and integrative medicine in upstate New York where he lives at 1800 feet on his organic farm. Cycling, writing, growing plants and being the proud dad of a teen round out an otherwise remarkable life.

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