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Does any of this sound familiar?

•   You've been plowing through on your own but you've hit a wall and you don't know where to go next.

•   You've found some workshopping classes or a writing group that you like but you're doing plenty of writing that isn't getting the kind of empathetic yet critical feedback you crave. 

•   Your experience with a workshop or writing group has left you wary of sharing your work with others.

•   You wish you had someone who will give you accountability and support when you need it most.

•   You're having a tough time pushing across the finish line.


If any (or all) of these ring true, I can help you! 

•   I can guide you to figure out "whose story is it?", get that tough scene nailed down, and sort through a troublesome timeline.

•   I can help you figure out who your ideal reader is and why it is so important to know why you are writing this book.

•   I will give you honest but empathetic feedback, to help you write YOUR best book.

•   Last but not at all least--I can help you across the finish line with confidence and together we can toast your accomplishment with a little something bubbly!