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InfinityxCreations/Author Sai Marie Johnson, Ghostwriter

Accepting new clients

Being an author myself, I have advanced to assisting other writers and have done so for over five years now. I've worked on over 100 projects, and have a great success rate with happy and satisfied clients. I possess an MFA in English and Creative Writing and am an author myself. I've ghostwritten well over ten complete series for other authors, all of which are ranked four and five-star reads with over one hundred reviews. I enjoy writing poetry, contemporary romantic suspense, science fiction, and fantasy in particular but have experience in article and blog writing, consumer reports, and SEO marketing as well. I am incredibly adept at emulating tones and styles yet still maintain my own voice when writing my own work. These are all skills that I feel make me a prime candidate for your project. I also loved seeing that you had an approachable demeanor and a laid-back attitude, as these are critical to developing a good creator-ghostwriter (client-writer) relationship because we all know every author wants their work to be dignified and represent themselves in an ideal way.