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Heather Campbell | The Writer Remedy, Book Coach

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I am a book coach and developmental editor who helps writers of women's fiction work past self-doubt and perfectionism to complete the best novel they possibly can.

I provide three services:

  • Coaching during the novel planning phase using a proven blueprint to help you overcome confusion and indecision to develop your story idea fully before you begin to write
  • Weekly coaching as you draft to guide you through the writing process, provide feedback to help you improve your story and writing as you go, and accountability from weekly deadlines to ensure you finish your novel
  • Developmental editing for completed manuscripts to give you input on big picture areas for improvement, like narrative arc, character motivation, pacing, and more.

I developed my book coaching expertise through the Author Accelerator Book Coach Certification program. Additionally, I've worked with a dozen writers throughout all stages of the novel-writing process to rave reviews.

More than writing support, I also help writers improve their mindset around self-doubt, imposter syndrome, procrastination, perfectionism, and more. This is an essential step to ensure your continued success with writing!

If you've struggled to complete a novel, I can help you achieve your dream.