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D. J. Herda, Other

Accepting new clients

In addition to being an award-winning author, book coach, and ghostwriter, I'm a doctor of books and scripts. I work with writers around the world whose work needs cleaning up, punching up, strengthening, cutting, lengthening, honing, refining, bolstering--in short, whatever it takes to get your book or script into the hands of a conventional, advance-paying publisher or a reputable film or stage producer. Working with you, I'll rewrite or rework large porrtions of your manuscript as required and explain why I did what I did and also show you several optional ways to accomplish the same goal: publication or production. All while maintaining your unique literary voice.

To do this, I work closely with you from page one to the end of your story, realizing that it's your baby but also remembering what the goal is. When I'm finished, I'll do whatever else is necessary to get your work pitched to and accepted by a literary agent or read by a producer/director. I have fifty years of experience in the industry, ninety published books, dozens of doctored and ghostwritten books and scripts, and several plays and short scripts to my credit. I've worked as an editor of radio, film, and television, newspapers, magazines, fiction and nonfiction books, and film and video presentations. I always work under written contract specifying the work to be done and the dates by which to do it, along with all the other usual contractual niceties.

All of my work is guaranteed, naturally, or I keep right on working at no additional charge until your property gets picked up by a literary agent for representation to publishers or read by a legitimate producer, no matter the amount of time that takes.

I charge a set fee for my work and never charge extra for anything covered under contract. Admittedly, I'm costly, but, I'm worth every penny. As Michael Douglas once said to Kathleen Turner in the film, Romancing the Stone: "Now, I ain't cheap, but I can be had."

If you're ready, I'm ready.

Let's rock!