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Donna Peerce, Ghostwriter

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With over 25 years of professional writing experience, Donna Peerce is an internationally bestselling and #1 New York Times Bestselling Ghostwriter, and an award-winning published Author, Book Doctor and Editor of more than 100 books. Based in Nashville, TN, with satellite offices in New York and France, several of Donna's books have been New York Times bestsellers and include both fiction and nonfiction.

NONFICTION: The nonfiction include spiritual autobiographies/memoirs, neuroscience/medical, health/wellness, artificial intelligence, business, narrative nonfiction, parables, motivational, spiritual, pop culture, and thought leadership books. The fiction include action/adventure/thriller, mystery, and what Harvard Business School calls "Business Fables" and have included futuristic tales of espionage, technological cyber warfare, and moral dilemmas. These are novels based on true stories about global business leaders and demonstrate the eternal tension between management, technological and AI advances, and leadership and the reasons for the rise and fall of organizations on a global scale. Some of her parables could be described as books similar to The Alchemist.

FICTION: The fiction also include young adult fantasy, sci-fi, magical realism, parables, children's/middle grade, action/adventure, thriller/mystery, romance, and historical fiction. She has adapted screenplays into novels as well as graphic novels into mainstream novels, and completed several screenplays and scripts for video games and mobile apps. She has written short films for book trailers and directed and produced marketing videos to promote these books. She has also ghostwritten books for leading celebrities and high-profile executives around the world. Donna's published books include not only memoirs focusing on celebrities and NFL football players, but also on high profile individuals in health & wellness, and true family stories involving crime and family businesses.

LITERARY AGENT & HOLLYWOOD ACCESS/NETWORK: Donna has excellent contacts and working relationships with top New York literary agents and publishers, as well as Hollywood and U.K. Entertainment Agents, and is skilled in working with entertainment agents, Hollywood producers, talent agents, and entertainment companies all over the world.

Donna was first published when she was 10 years old as the author of a short story in a magazine. She describes herself as a shapeshifter and chameleon who can transform into different voices, personas and styles. Because Donna has traveled all over the world and writes all genres for all different kinds of clients in the U.S. and abroad, she has the ability to create characters of emotional depth, spanning all kinds of cultures, locales and stories.

Donna has a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communications: TV, Creative Writing & Journalism, and graduated Magna Cum Laude. She travels all over the world to meet with clients and work with them one-on-one, and in-between, works with them on Skype and phone. She is single and very flexible with no dependents. She is passionate about her first love: writing, and her goal is to help others tell their stories to the world.

She is not allowed to divulge some of the bestselling books due to strict confidentiality clauses. But they have included entrepreneurs, futurologists, sports figures, musicians, and top celebrities. She has worked with numerous European and New York publishing houses including Rizzoli (Italy), Hachette, Center Street, Perseus, Penguin, Random House, McGraw-Hill, and more. Her website is: www.DonnaPeerceWriter.com. It is being updated, but if you contact her, she will send you an updated BIO.