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Michele Herman, Book Coach

Accepting new clients

I strive to be the kind of writing coach I would entrust my own writing to: seasoned, curious, encouraging, honest, flexible, organized, clear, easy to talk to, fun to work with, attentive to both detail and the big picture, ready with lessons, tips and inspiration, impatient only when a student isn't trying and intolerant only when it comes to platitudes and abstractions.


The first thing I do is make the task manageable. I show you the specific spots in the text that are and are not successful, explain why, and provide copious comments and suggestions in the text itself. We trade emails and text, we talk on the phone, we get comfortable working together. I listen hard and get to know your process and rhythms.  I root for you and revel in each small triumph. I give you the perspective that eludes you because you're so close to the work. I send you off after each session focused, hopeful and itching to get back to work.

I have spent my life immersed in writing, editing and teaching. I have also studied the creative process itself – the seemingly potent forces of resistance within us that can tamp down our imagination or stop us altogether, prevent our writing from flourishing freely or compromise its quality. I can help you establish new habits that will serve you better and make you a smarter, more relaxed and more intuitive writer.