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Jessica DuLong, Book Coach

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Ghostwriter. Book Collaborator. Proposal Doctor. Writing Coach. Editor.

Jessica DuLong is a Brooklyn-based, ASJA award-winning author, journalist, historian, ghostwriter, book collaborator, proposal doctor, editor, and writing coach, who has worked on a wide array of narrative and other nonfiction projects including memoir; history; trauma, psychology, and neuroscience; health and wellness; race and identity; diversity, equity, and inclusion; gender; parenting; law; and business, personal finance, and investing. She has taught writing with Voices From War and The Sackett Street Writers Workshop.


"Jessica DuLong helped me unearth meaning and perspective from my writings, helping me conceptualize and build the framework for my book. She has the perfect combination of empathy and analysis, making the editor-writer relationship feel as it should: like a true partnership."Fernanda Santos

"Jessica DuLong is one of the most talented writers I've ever met. Unbelievable researcher, brilliant writer, and most of all, a pleasure to work with. She will not only help you with her brilliant guidance and plain old commonsense, but her support and kindness will lower your blood pressure!"Kenneth P. Rosenberg, MD

"Jessica is a rock star. I have so much gratitude and respect for her work."Atoosa Rubenstein

"Jessica's editorial talent is the result of a miraculous combination: intelligence, empathy, organization, deep listening, curiosity, attention to detail, and psychology. Of course, she is also a powerful writer, capable of communicating her feedback with precision, and suggesting line edits that enhance clarity and meaning."Charlotte Bismuth

"Jessica DuLong did a stellar job of editing my manuscript for publication. This was no easy task since she had to quickly learn a new language—U.S. Tax Code—which some say is tougher than Sanskrit. Jessica was a master at deciphering hundreds of pages of complex material, making my explanations, advice, and warnings clear, readable, and usable. This made the book much less intimidating for readers. That's an amazing skill." —Ed Slott