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Adducent / Dennis Lowery, Ghostwriter

Accepting new clients

I am a writer, author, ghostwriter, publisher, and veteran of the United States Navy (a former Operations Specialist). I've written a lot of nonfiction and fiction since 2008. As of this writing, over two million words worth (includes 34 books ghostwritten for clients: 14 nonfiction, 9 memoirs, and 11 fiction). And I've had two book-ghostwriting projects for clients—a creative nonfiction book and a novel—optioned for film or screenplay development.

My firm, Adducent, works with clients on their writing and publishing projects. As of this writing, we have 79 titles published for diverse clients: Admirals, Generals, other high-ranking military, CEOs and Senior Executives (including former CEOs, Chairmen, and SVPs of multi-billion-dollar NYSE companies), retired members of Congress and the United States Intelligence Community, Foreign Policy & Defense Industry Professionals, Government / Intelligence & Security Agency Professionals, University Professors, Scientists, Doctors, Surgeons, Attorneys, Entrepreneurs and Business Professionals with high standards of quality and expectations. Ten of our clients have done a second and third book with us, and three are on their fourth.