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Betsy Robinson, Editor

Accepting new clients

I specialize in memoir, spirituality, spiritual psychology, self-awareness, and service-related work. Since leaving my job as managing editor of Spirituality & Health magazine in 2009, I have been freelancing. You can see more at my Editorial Freelancers Association profile.

I work via email:

I would ask you to send me your complete manuscript as a Word document. I would do a sample edit of about 500 words, to get a sense of what the work will entail. I would do an estimate for the time to do a one-pass edit and give you an estimated fee. If a book is in pretty good shape and just needs a one-pass edit, I sometimes charge flat fees, but I need to see the manuscript to evaluate it.

I would send you the sample edit and the estimated fee or flat fee. If you were interested in going forward, I would send you a simple letter of agreement (LOA) saying what I will do, the fee, and a schedule. I would ask for a deposit of half the estimated fee or flat fee, and when I receive it and an executed LOA, I would begin.