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Nanci Turner Steveson, Book Coach

Accepting new clients

I work with first time writers, others with a complete manuscript who are ready to start their search for agents or editors, and already published authors who need an objective, critical eye on their work. I mentor both writers of literature for children as well as those writing for the adult market. I am not the best person to help you with a picture book manuscript, but I can point you in the direction to others who are far more expert at that than I am.

My goal is to provide clarity, an unbiased, professional view of your work, and an understanding how changes to your manuscript will positively impact the story and marketability of your work. I am a support system during the often arduous process of writing a novel, and to cheer you on and help you focus on what needs to happen to make every single word count. I am a passionate wordsmith and will help you work through the kinks to get your story spit-polished and irresistible. www.nanciturnersteveson.com/services/