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Cindy Tschosik, CEO of SoConnected & Mental Health Ghostwriter, Ghostwriter

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Cindy Tschosik is a mental health nonfiction ghostwriter, a mental wellness speaker, an author of Called to Lead: Women's Success Strategies, and the CEO of SoConnected.

Cindy ghostwrites nonfiction books for psychology professionals to share their expertise on mental health topics and for mental health influencers and performing artists who want to share their journey to mental wellness. She also authored, "The Perfect Book Checklist" to guide authors through the process of writing a book.

Also a mental wellness speaker, Cindy offers an interactive, humorous, and engaging presentation to share her real-life experiences in a non-clinical perspective. She empowers audiences with memorable practices to combat impending mental health issues, lifesaving life-skills and implementable strategies to help themselves, their teams, and their loved ones.

Cindy stays engaged with industry news and keeps her pencils sharpened with her involvement in The Author's Guild, the Nonfiction Authors Association and the Association of Ghostwriters. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, for its NSA Illinois Chapter, she is the VP & Chair of Programming and the Chair of the DEI Committee.

Learn more at SoConnectedLLC.com.