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Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, Book Coach

Accepting new clients

Every book has different possibilities; every writer, different needs. I work with a limited number of writers to help them shape their stories, move their readers, and reach their own goals. As a mentor, and reader, I look for the heart of your story, your unique urgency. We will consider the big picture, as well as the details, and do some brainstorming. Together we look for patterns, for clues that you are leaving for yourself, for opportunities to explore. We will tease out the surprises and idiosyncrasies that belong to you alone. Our goal is your vision realized and your voice raised. 

My work ranges from coaching to manuscript consultation for writers who have completed a full draft. I can be helpful with regular telephone or video calls, or offer developmental editorial critiques for manuscripts in progress for writers who are serious about their process and their growth.  Find out more about me on my website.