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Toni Dianne Holm, Book Coach

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I'm the Founder and Publisher of Black Ink Books. Early in my career, after working as an editor at several, large publishing houses, connecting with writers, agents, and other publishers was a natural extension of my long involvement with authors. That lead to co-founding a successful, small press, Word Keepers, Inc.

From my first film viewing, sitting with Walt Disney to having tea with Maya Angelou, I learned the importance of universal entertainment and the passions that drive the power of storytelling. My stories combine comedy and fantasy with human drama.

I am a writer's publisher. I know the writer's psyche. I know how to support writers on the journey from idea to finished book.

Willa Cather once said, "There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm."

My hard-earned calm and storm revealed the writing principles I use. I inherited my father's flamboyant voice as an oral storyteller. My mother's voracious reading and her journalistic writing style infused a blueprint love affair with books, writing, and stories. Like the Fool in a deck of Tarot cards, I stepped off the cliff and wrote my first novel.

It has been a journey of a thousand life lessons, each growing me more into my real voice.

I say to new writers, "Writing a book is paramount to committing oneself to a spiritual path." It is not for the mild and meek, but for those who possess the higher heart of a lioness. You must step out on a limb, stand tall in mid-air, stand down in humility, protect what is yours, cross raging rivers of emotion, be tenacious to the nth degree, and passionately love your work. I have. I do.

I invite you to reach out to me when you need: Book Coach - Development Editing - Character Development - Ghostwriting - Publishing Coach - A Good Listener