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Professional Media Coaching: 

Do you know how to best represent yourself, your brand, and your book for TV, radio, and podcast interviews? Are you often asked to speak at meetings or conferences but are afraid to face an audience? When you want to garner more publicity, do you know how to pitch a producer?
Expert help is available with New York Times best-selling author, savvy marketer, and recognized authority in media and presentation coaching, Cynthia Brian. With over 30 years experience in all phases of the entertainment industry including acting, producing, writing, directing, coaching, hosting, speaking, and casting, Cynthia brings her unique qualifications and enthusiasm to a private consultation or coaching session personalized to your specific media and presentation needs. Whether you employ a public relations firm or use your in-house publicist, Cynthia has developed a media coaching program that will yield more than fifteen minutes of fame with guaranteed applause. Each session is customized precisely to your requirements. Since 1998, Cynthia Brian has produced and hosted the award-wining international radio broadcast, StarStyle-Be the Star You Are! and is the producer and teen coach of the YA radio program, Express Yourself! (https://www.StarStyleRadio.com