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Mindy McGinnis, Editor

Accepting new clients

My critique partners will tell you that I am thorough – but I also don't hold back. If you're looking for compliments and a pat on the head, I'm not your girl. What you will get from me, should you choose to procure my services, is listed below.

Why Choose Me?

I recently signed a contract for my twelfth book with a major publisher. I know pace, plotting, structure, voice – in short, I know what makes a novel work, and I can also pin down when one is not working and how to fix it.

I participated in #PitchWars for two years, steering my mentees through multiple drafts and heavy editing. Both of my mentees have secured agents, and one even ended up signing with my editor at my publishing house, Harper Collins.

I have also been a Young Adult librarian aide for thirteen years. I know the market, I know what's out there and what's already been done. I read widely, and can give you some pointers on how to distinguish your book from existing titles, if necessary.

What I Know Best:

I write Young Adult, but I also have a good grasp on Middle Grade. That being said, I read widely and am confident that I can be of assistance in any genre or age range, with the exception of picture books, chapter books, nonfiction, memoir or biography – so if that's your arena, I'm probably not your girl.

What I'm Offering:

Query Rescue $25

The query is how you introduce yourself to an agent or editor. This is your only chance to make a first impression and it needs to be as close to perfect as possible. My query critique package offers five passthroughs of your query, including both inline and overall thoughts.

Synopsis Rescue $35

The synopsis offers a walkthrough of your plot and main character traits, illustrating pacing, character arc and resolution, while maintaining the voice of your manuscript. It is no easy task, but I'm here to help! My synopsis critique package offers three passthroughs of your query, including both inline and overall thoughts. If your synopsis is over 1000 words, there will be an additional .015 (penny and a half) per word charge.

First Ten Pages Manuscript Critique $50

The first ten pages are what will grab an agent's or editor's attention. They need to be strong and compelling. I will give you in-line edits along with detailed notes to help you tighten and strengthen those pages. After that gets sent your way, I will remain available via email to clarify any questions you might have about the critique.

Partial/Full Manuscript Critique .015/ per word (penny and a half)

I am only offering partial / full manuscript critiques to those who've already received a First Ten Pages Manuscript Critique. This is to ensure that we can work well together and that my style fits your expectations. I want you to be happy and to feel that your money was well spent. The 10 page critique will give you a chance to see if my critiquing methods work for you.

As with the first ten pages critique, I will give in-line edits along with extensive detailed notes. My big picture edits will cover: plot, pacing, character arcs, and the ever elusive voice. Smaller in-line edits are to point out specific points where dialogue might be weak, something might be unclear, or where the writing could be tightened up. I will most definitely alert you to misspellings, continuity errors and any grammar mistakes that I spot. However it should be noted that I am not a qualified or professional proofreader.