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Splash Literary, Ghostwriter

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A literary coaching agency that works with authors, agents, and publishers to make sure important stories and ideas find hungry readers. Lauren Hamlin and Aaron Shulman offer a wide range of editorial coaching and writing services, helping authors move their project forward no matter what stage of the book-creation process they are in. Because every author's needs are unique, we custom fit our services and pricing to writing needs and project goals. From idea conception to final edit and everywhere in between, we are the thought partners, story excavators, structural engineers, and publishing guides you and your book need. Our clients have landed on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists, appeared on The Today Show, delivered main stage TED Talks, been featured on NPR's Fresh Air, covered in major newspapers, and had their books translated into over a dozen languages. With an intensely collaborative approach that brings both of their brains and experiences to bear on every project, we maximize the quality of our clients' work.