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Barbara Shoup, Editor

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Editing is a crucial part of the creative process, in which a writer and editor work together to:
· Clarify the writer's vision for the story, essay, novel or memoir and what the writer hopes to accomplish with it.
· Assess where the writing is working and not working based on that understanding.
· Articulate the nature of the gap between the the writer's idea and the draft of the story on the page.
· Create a revision strategy and a list of revisions for the writer to undertake in the next draft.

The editing process demands patience, both on the part of the editor and the writer. It can take numerous drafts and considerable re-thinking to bring a piece of writing to completion. Honesty is essential for the process to work and I am always honest when I talk with writers about their work. At the same time, I don't take on writers I don't believe in and work hard to make them feel that they are capable of doing the work they need to do.

I enjoy the editing process very much. Each story, essay, memoir or novel presents an interesting puzzle to solve, and I love watching writers working at all levels bring their visions to the page, gaining new writing skills and confidence in themselves along the way.

I'm the author of eight novels for adults and young adults, two books about the creative process, and a memoir. 

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