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Heather Demetrios, Editor

Accepting new clients

I offer editorial support for both full and partial manuscripts and work with writers of all levels. The work on your book that we do is intended to not only help you write the book that wants to be written (I always say, "the book is the boss"), but provide a foundation for your growth as a writer. In addition to deep editorial work (which includes calls, a lenghty intake, editorial letter, and a slew of resources to support your revision), I engage in craft counseling: This means I identify your particular areas for growth and provide tools to help you take your writing to the next level. We also dig deep into how your writing practice and process might better support this book. In that arena, I'll be providing support for your writer mindset and help you build a sustainable practice so that you can reach your writing goals.


In addition to being a critically-acclaimed multi-published author in various genres by Big 5 publishers with more books on the way, I also edited a critically-acclaimed anthology, working to help some of the best writers in the industry hone their pieces for the project. I'm also on faculty for an MFA program in Creative Writing, where I focus not only on craft, but on helping my students find their place in the publishing landscape. I hold an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts.


As a certified meditation teacher with a focus on mindfulness for writers, we apply mindfulness to process, practice, and craft, as well as train in how to be a writer 24/7 - even when you're doing the dishes.


My approach is holistic, so we look at your whole life in order to determine how it can support your writing this book, and the ones in your future. All my resources, worksheets, and assignments are curated for you, to meet you where you're at and help you find a healthy edge to work from so that you can find the alignment you need to reach your writing goals. I'm happy to work on fiction and narrative non-fiction in any genre. No short story collections, poetry, articles, or picture books.


You can find out more about me, my coaching, and my books at www.heatherdemetrios.com. My blog on the site will support the work you're doing, and my newsletter offers fresh insights each month from the writing trenches, including downloads of workbooks, meditations for writers, and more. I look forward to supporting you!




I hired Heather to do a manuscript critique of my current project. I was blown away by the phenomenal insights she provided in her editorial note. She absolutely gets the big-picture perspective as well as the nitty gritty. She offered excellent advice, guidance and suggestions on how to improve the overall story message, the structure and most importantly, my main character. Additionally, the level of detail she provided throughout the manuscript was incredibly helpful. Each comment got me to dig deeper and find better solutions.


Heather's careful dissection of my novel gave me room to make several smart revisions and recreate a more likeable and engaging main character with a great story to share. Heather helped me to move beyond the first and very rough draft into the next one and beyond. I trust her opinions, guidance and honesty.


— Simone Stier