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Heather Demetrios, Book Coach

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I offer coaching on helping you build the writing life you're longing for: a sustainable writing practice that works for you, help in discovering and honing your creative process, craft counseling at the MFA level (which includes editorial), as well as assistance in building your writing career. We look at your writer mindset, discoveriing which tools work for you in dealing with fear, the inner critic, self-doubt, and getting comfortable with uncertainty.


In addition to being a multi-published author by Big 5 publishers with more books on the way, I'm also a certified meditation teacher with a focus on mindfulness for writers. We apply mindfulness to process, practice, and craft, as well as train in how to be a writer 24/7 - even when you're doing the dishes. My approach is holistic, so we look at your whole life in order to determine how it can support your writing. I love working with writers at all levels: in addition to my varied clients (beginner to published), I'm also on faculty for an MFA program in Creative Writing. All my resources, worksheets, and assignments are curated for you, to meet you where you're at and help you find a healthy edge to work from so that you can find the alignment you need to reach your writing goals. I look forward to supporting you!


You can find out more about me, my coaching, and my books at www.heatherdemetrios.com. My blog on the site will support the work you're doing, and my newsletter offers fresh insights each month from the writing trenches, including downloads of workbooks, meditations for writers, and more.




I had no idea what to expect when I hired Heather as a writer's coach.  The work we have done together went further and deeper than I ever expected.  Heather had incredible insights to help clarify the areas I struggled with as an author and the work needed to make significant changes.


She taught me to recognize and trust my gut instincts. To understand the benefits of the ebbs and flows of my writing process. The resources and assignments she used grounded these new principles and concepts.  Our conversations were fruitful, from brainstorming story concepts to understanding how to get through roadblocks all writers face.


I've have found a new confidence to approach my projects more boldly. And she has left me with lifelong tools that not only have helped me in my writing career but have also enriched my personal life.


Our work together has leveled up my writing skills and work product to a level that would have taken me years to achieve on my own. Working with a writer's coach has been the single, most important investment of my writing career.  


- Dana Elmendorf, author of South of Sunshine