About the Service


AS A CREATIVE WRITER, children’s book editor, and long-time manuscript editor at the University of Chicago Press, I’ve read thousands of queries and drafts by writers of everything from picture books to scholarly monographs. My book The Subversive Copy Editor is all about win-win strategies for editors and writers, a book Publishers Weekly called “practical, relentlessly supportive and full of ed-head laughs.” Honors for my middle-grade novel Eddie’s War include Kirkus Best, Bankstreet Best, and other starred reviews. 

My conference and retreat sessions are geared toward helping writers give their work a final polish before they submit. As a contributing editor and blogger for The Chicago Manual of Style (the style guide used by most trade book publishers in the US), I understand how fiction writers can make the best use of this daunting reference book to negotiate effectively with the agents, editors, and copyeditors who handle their work.

Acts of Submission

Understanding the goals of copyediting gives writers an immediate advantage in the creative breaking of style and grammar “rules” to achieve a professional look in their submissions. 


♦ a 10-minute shrinking of the 1,200-page Chicago Manual of Style to a lovable, usable writing tool
♦ 10 hackle-raising blemishes writers can eliminate from their manuscripts
♦ 5 easy insider tactics for credibly faking Chicago style

(60-90 minutes)


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