About the Service

Carole Ann Goldsmith is CEO of Carole Goldsmith International writing feature articles and company profiles for global media and public relations / content for multinational corporations, small to medium companies, all levels of government, industry bodies / unions and not for profit organisations. 


Among the publishers are:


CCH Japan – Japan Employers Manual (Japan)
CCH Singapore – Asia Staff (Singapore)
CCH Hong Kong – Asia Staff (article in English and Chinese) (Hong Kong)
CCH is a business of Wolters Kluwers Holland


PharmAsia News – Informa.com (USA /EU) (https://scrip.pharmaintelligence.informa.com/SC065142/PharmAsia-News-Business-Bulletin)
International News Correspondent – Reporting on biotech, medtech, pharma, investment across Japan, Australia and New Zealand for PharmAsia News.


Australian Manufacturing Technology Magazine – Lead article and company profile contributor (http://amtil.com.au/amt/). Reporting on automotive, technology, aerospace, medical devices, pharmaceutical, renewable energy, advanced manufacturing, construction, mining, agriculture and aerospace.


Australian Financial Review (https://www.afr.com)
The Age (https://www.theage.com.au)
The Herald Sun (https://www.heraldsun.com.au)

Manufacturers Monthly Magazine (https://www.manmonthly.com.au),
Australian Doctor, (https://www.ausdoc.com.au)
Logistics Magazine (Reed Business),
Construction magazine (Reed Business),
Human Resources Magazine (Reed Business),
Outsourcing Magazine,
National Safety Council Victoria – National Safety Magazine,
National Heart Foundation – Health at Work,
CCH Australia – Occupational Health and Safety Magazine,
Fairfax – Senior Traveller (https://www.thesenior.com.au/travel/)



Among the companies and organisations are:


Australian Trade Commission, Victorian Dept of Sport and Recreation, Vic Dept. of Agriculture, NSW Dept of Health, Sheraton Ayers Rock, Siemens, Toyota, Blue Scope Steel, National Heart Foundation, CSL, Farbwerke Hoecht in Germany, Australian Council of Trade Unions, Worker's Health Centre, Paul Mac Arthur's Marketing, NSW Dept of Employment, Cities of Melbourne, Rockhampton, Brunswick and Wollongong, Human Resources Institute -  to name a few. 


Lecturing and Training: 


Open Colleges, Sydney, Holmesglen Institute, RMIT University, Box Hill Institute, Universities - Tokyo, Tsukuba (Japan), Virginia, Chapel Hill and Bringham Young (USA), Bielefeld (Germany) and Laurentian (Canada.)