About the Service

I'm a copyeditor, developmental editor, and book doctor who works with publishers, agents, and other literary firms, as well as individual clients ranging from debut novelists to Pulitzer-winning journalists. Recent projects include an instant #1 New York Times bestseller.

Currently, I split the week between my work as an independent editor and my ongoing project-based role at a boutique literary PR firm that contracts with the Big Five and award-winning indies. 

My professional background includes full-time roles in National Geographic's book division, at Politico (where I was a copyeditor), and at a historic regional book publisher. I have significant experience copyediting in accordance with both Chicago (CMoS) and AP (Associated Press Stylebook) guidelines. I also hold a certificate in editing awarded jointly by Poynter and the ACES: The Society for Editing (previously known as the American Copy Editors Society), and am an active member of ACES and the Editorial Freelancers Association. I'm well-versed in the production and publishing processes, industry standards, and the expectations of agents and publishing houses.

In addition to copyediting, my editorial services include developmental editing, book doctoring, and line editing; I also offer select PR services. For more information on my additional services, please see my other Marketplace listing.

As an independent editor, I specialize in literary fiction and engaging nonfiction. I particularly enjoy working on standout novels of all sorts; short stories and story collections; narrative nonfiction; cultural criticism; literary memoir; political projects, journalism, biography, and history with a literary bent or creative angle; and essays. I also love work that resists categorization or straddles genres. Please don't hesitate to reach out if your work doesn't clearly fall into one of those buckets; I consider all projects on an individual basis. That said, I typically do not work on romance novels, young children's literature/picture books, and most prescriptive nonfiction (e.g., traditional self-help).