About the Service

My name is Erik Thurman is an award-winning author/illustrator who specializes in comics journalism and nonfiction comics about current events in Asia and North/South America, with a focus on education, migration, and human rights. I'm currently based in Santiago, Chile.

As an illustrator for the past ten years, I'm equipped to do editoral illustration, cover and interior book illustration, animation and character layout design, graphic novel work, among others.

A link to my portfolio can be found on my "About" page at my website: www.erikthurmancomics.com

Some of my past clients include the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism, The Nib, The Intercept Brasil, MeansTV, Splinter News, Korea Expose, and Drawing the Times. I have been recognized in my field as the winner of the 2017 The New York Association of Black Journalists' Awards Competition for Best Online Media/General feature (with writer Adam Bessie) along with being shortlisted for the Reportager Award from the University of the West England.

Feel free to reach out to my contact form on my site for a quote on your project and hope to hear from you soon.