About the Service

My specialty, Collaborative Writing, is a hybrid model combining the best of my premier "Write Books That Change the World" coaching program with my writing and editing talents. Together, we collaboratively create the content of your book through a series of interviews that are transcribed, edited, and polished by me and then reviewed by you. Our goal is to develop a manuscript that is ready for publication, as well as cull content that can be used for social media posts and blogs that build the buzz while your book is being written.  


I hold a sacred space for you so that you are able to explore your individual creativity, which enhances your ability to effectively convey your message to your audience.  Because of my gift to write in my clients' voices, the creation is truly yours. I am the channel and the container for you to discover or develop your writer's voice and identify or refine your message. In each session, I encourage you to express yourself freely and embrace the courage to be seen and heard in the world as an influencer and transformer.