About the Service

Hi everybody. I am the author of thirteen books of fiction & nonfiction, including the best sellers BEFORE THE SIDEWALK ENDED: A WALK WITH SHEL SILVERSTEIN; TONI CADE BAMBARA'S ONE SICILIAN NIGHT; SEMMELWEIS, THE WOMEN'S DOCTOR which was #1 Amazon bestseller in digital editions; JOHN DANTE'S INFERNO, a Playboy's Life; and BART: A LIFE OF A. BARTLETT GIAMATTI. I enjoy speaking about how each of my books was made. The process, its background. I find that audiences like this aspect of a book. Material not in the book. During appearances I also like to read an excerpt.

I am also a book editor, having been fortunate to edit great writers such as Shel Silverstein & Toni Cade Bambara. I enjoy speaking about the writer's life. I was a staff editor at McGraw Hill & freelance at Bantam Books, Grove Press and other major publishing companies.

I have taught at NYU, CUNY and Wesleyan University.

I especially enjoy speaking to members of book clubs ((I'm about to speak at a book club in Florida) and classes both live and virtual with sudents & professors who may or may not teach my books.

I can speak about writing, editing and the writer's life as evidenced in my on line 2 1/2 animated writing workshop found on the platform Udemy.com. I am interested in sharing my extensive experience in the publishing and writing businesses.

Forthcoming is a new work about my experience in the publishing business titled, CONFESSIONS OF AN ASPRING PORNOGRAPHER.


thanks & best wishes,


Anthony Valerio

www.anthony valerio.com