About the Service

We cater to the neurodivergent, the authors who need help unconventionally, the ones who are tired of using the same old systems that don't work. We provide our authors with training and guidance on how to use their outlines. Our authors walk away knowing that that they'll create greatness every time.

? Personalized Zoom meetings for concept, world-building, character, and chapter design.


? Market research based on your genre and sub-genre. We provide the most current information on tropes and trends to hit the market each time.


? An Unstuck package for when you need to work out plot-holes or kinks in order to continue with the forward momentum of your manuscript.

? BLURBS!!!.....yeah you'll know how to un-evil your own when we're finished.

? Support along to the way if you get stuck.

? Add-ons at a later date. You don't have to pay for all the things when we start.

? Your own platform to keep all our discussions and notes together. There are a few. We work with what's comfortable for you.

? Referral program where you get money off for spreading the love.