About the Service

Brandi Larsen is a writer, speaker, and coach building a more inclusive publishing landscape. She speaks to audiences about leadership, grief, and how the book publishing process really works. She writes books and essays.

As a publishing executive at Penguin Random House, she helped create New York Times bestsellers. As a journalist, her efforts earned Emmy nominations. As a speaker, her talks inspired audiences at Harvard Business School, Book Expo America, Case Western Reserve University, the Great Lakes African American Writers Conference, and the Writer's Digest Annual Conference, among others. Her work has been published in newspapers and magazines, literary journals, textbooks, industry guidelines, and online. She serves as the board president for Literary Cleveland. 

Most popular talks include:

  • Inside a Publisher's Mind
    An inspiring talk that helps writers understand book publishing and how to get their work into the process, from idea to bestseller. 

    It's the never-taught book publishing education every writer needs.Best for writing conferences, libraries, colleges, writing associations, and retreats. Can be adapted for corporate audiences into "You've Got a Book in You!" with a focus on non-fiction.

  • Walking with Grief
    A talk that comforts and inspires caregivers, grievers, and everyone in the audience to embrace the grief in their lives to discover the gifts born from mourning. Perfect for audiences seeking inspiration to overcome the impossible and unprecedented setbacks in life.

  • Inspire Your Team
    Talks and keynotes that motivate corporate audiences on how to create joy in the workplace, unicorns and rainbows included. Specialized versions of this talk for all-female audiences, including a varient focusing on embracing setbacks framed as "The Best Job I Never Got." This talk is best for executives, managers, and leaders who can create systemic change.